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Music and Lyrics – The Toddler Life

I have a cuddly little chatterbox at home. The moment he wakes up I can hear himย  making sounds in his bed while I still play half-dead under the sheets. Then he climbs and shakes my head and sometimes hit me with his stuffed animal yelling ” wakey – wakey mommy!!!!”.ย  It’s 7am on a… Continue reading Music and Lyrics – The Toddler Life

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Crossing the Promised Land

Like the Israelites who were lost in the wilderness for 40 years, some of us felt the same way at one point in our lives. I my myself can tell you that. I knowย  some people as well who are close to my heart who experienced/ and still experiencing the wandering.ย  It’s as if no… Continue reading Crossing the Promised Land

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The Whole 30, Anyone?

I’ve been contemplating lately to do this. Have you ever heard about this new fad diet that’s been going around in the social media lately The Whole 30? If not check this out. It’s actually sounds pretty promising. The effects and the testimonials of people who did this. I have endometriosis. It’s a nasty female… Continue reading The Whole 30, Anyone?