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No More Crying for Crunches

  I hate doing crunches. But having a belly pooch is the easiest way to acquire after two days straight of pasta and bread. Gosh.Β  I hate waking up the next day and not be able to wear anything without that ugly bump mocking me in the face. Plus the husband giving me the “look”… Continue reading No More Crying for Crunches

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10 Minute Full Body Circuit : New Fitness Routine

  I am all about 10 minute workouts. But that means, I get to do 10 minute cardio, 10 minute abs, 10 minute legs, 10 minute butt lift and 10 minute yoga for relaxation. Haha. Never simple nor easy. But it’s never boring for me this way. Right now I am mixing these five days… Continue reading 10 Minute Full Body Circuit : New Fitness Routine

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The $1000 Fitness Challenge With the Husband

He may have the makings of a model but limelight isn’t his thing. I kinda like that about him actually. He is one of those simple and humble folks who are irritatingly good-looking and expect NOT to ever brag about it, except maybe in the bedroom. But he knows that beauty is not forever. Although… Continue reading The $1000 Fitness Challenge With the Husband