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Crossing the Promised Land

Like the Israelites who were lost in the wilderness for 40 years, some of us felt the same way at one point in our lives. I my myself can tell you that. I know  some people as well who are close to my heart who experienced/ and still experiencing the wandering.  It’s as if no… Continue reading Crossing the Promised Land

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To Have and To Hope

Last week I received a message from a very close friend. She’s pregnant. Again. Our boys are almost the same age, only two months apart. She was surprised that I  easily guessed it. Maybe because I was daydreaming too much lately. Yes, Sasha is sometimes really a handful but the happiness he gives me is… Continue reading To Have and To Hope

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How Much Sleep is Too Much Sleep?

I have this problem for the longest time. This is also one of the reasons why me and the hubby fights. He can sleep for 10 hours ( sometimes more) straight missing breakfast and lunch. While I spend my day with my child doing everything in the house. When he ( finally) wakes up it’s… Continue reading How Much Sleep is Too Much Sleep?