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A Work in Progress

‘Oh dear God please forgive me’.

I continue to hear myself say that every time I fail. Every time I set aside my bible and Instagram instead. Whenever I fail to love instead of judge. Whenever I take bitterness into my heart. Whenever I keep quiet instead of saying something when it’s needed.

My proud heart often says ” I am a Christian I don’t need your preaching. I know it all”. And yet, here I am hungrier than ever. Asking God for his grace and wisdom. Begging HIM to help me win the battles I face with myself every day.

Oh how I love God. How marvelous His works are in my life. How grateful I am for every day. For every prayers He answered, for every people He sends to me.

And those people I am still teaching myself to love and forgive every single time.Β  Not everyone God sends are easy.

The passenger who keeps on complaining and insulting and sometimes abusing the crew on the flight, relatives who gossips, friends who lied, people who back stabbed.Β  I feel heavy with disappointments . And thank God He helps me to understand them. He still tells me to love them.

No matter how much I read the bible, listen to podcast about God and the His Word truly I cannot make it on my own. I am still a work in progress. I cannot not fail. I can make mistakes . I sin. Only this time I am more aware of it and I don’t feel condemned because God is with me. He is the only way to Righteousness. He’s the only one who can make me HOLY. He can forgive me and so I can forgive myself.


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