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God wants me to love my husband the way He is Today. Not the way He will be tomorrow. I have to stop with my expectations and just let God be God. His job is to change my husband. My job is to love my husband , right where He IS.


-Ngina Otiende


One thought on “Wife

  1. Oh sister! You are so right and that is going straight into my prayer journal! I am in such a difficult season. My husband and I divorced two months ago after years of affairs and me trying to be god and change him. I realize after all of the battles that it isn’t my job to change him. Hey, guess what…it’s Gods job! All I have to do is sit back and enjoy God’s presence and trust that He will use me in whatever ways He sees fit in my life and trust that He will do the work to heal my husband. He has already started and I can see His plans unfolding in front of me, even while not being able to see the entire picture. I know He is working. He has promised to one day restore our marriage and while I am waiting for that change to happen, I want to rest in God’s presence and do whatever He calls me to do with this season that I find myself in. He is so good! His plans are best! Thanks so much for the encouragement!

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