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I Love Being A Mother

I feel it again in my bones.

I feel it again in every piece of me.

I miss how it makes me feel. Even when it’s hard. Even when it’s tiring. I love being a mother.

Sasha is growing fast. He’s threeΒ  years and 3 months now. He already passed his pre-school Assessment last week for KG1 for September. We are proud parents. He loves going to school so much. Even on weekends he cries to go to his little school- the nursery. We see how much he’s excited for two o-clock every week day. Even when he only has a drop of energy left he will fight sleepiness just not to miss school. He likes books. He likes painting. He never stops singing his rhymes and ABCs. Our hearts are full. Children are magical gifts from the Lord.

I still want another child. My desire is obvious. I speak about it to my friends. I speak about it to my husband. But it’s as if is not coming any time soon. Not in two years time. Not even in four maybe, or ever.Β  I love carrying a child in my belly. I love the smell of infants. I love the excruciating pain it brings.


Like any other wishes or desires, I lift everything to God. In HIS time He will make it happen. If it’s HIS will He will make it known to us. For now, all and everything we surrender. We will trust HIM when HE thinks we are ready, if He wants us to have more. He never fails anyway, His plans are always perfect.

Even when fear and worry creep in, We will trust the LORD.

And Father God, Jesus, Thank you for our little boy. It’s a wonderful gift to be PARENTS.


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