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Style Update – Graphic Tees

I am that type of girl who you always find wearing a dress.  Yes, I am a girly-girl. But the thing is, with a dress it’s easier to put an outfit together. And most of the time I don’t need to iron them. Hah.  And when the husband wants me to be ready in 5 minutes it’s the fastest way to go.

But I realized I already have tons and tons of dresses inside my closet.  I have at least 7 LBDs. I have at least 5 maxi dresses, and about 20+ summer dresses and skirts of different designs. I don’t have space. And since I want to have an organized life, trying to live minimalist I want to get rid as much of things that don’t bring me joy anymore. I don’t like keeping things with no purpose.

As I was cleaning out my closet yesterday, I realized I don’t have much tees.

If I will go shopping any time soon, I would love to buy a few shirts.



Graphic Tees anyone?

How do you style ’em?


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