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Dancing the Night Away

I am officially on leave. Two Weeks! Hurray!

Yes, I miss being home with my son. Remember those days when I was itching to get away as much as I can? Bored to death. Now I just feel grateful to just sit in our apartment watching cartoons all day and bake pizza every other night.  Kids grow up so fast. And I feel old just by looking at him. Now he speaks very good English, counts in Tagalog and converses with my husband in Ukranian. He started attending Play School and my dad loves being the chaperone.

How’s your January so far? Can’t believe that it feels like 2017 is a distant memory already.  So many things I have in mind, weather is still cold and the 5%VAT is making a lot of difference actually in our everyday finances.  One dirham Ice Cream Cone No More! ohhh Dubai Life.


Is it possible to be dreaming of vacation while you’re on vacation? I actually AM. Since these two weeks we ‘re just staying here, not travelling anywhere ( dad going home and me going to be full-time mom for a week because of that) me and the husband started getting serious planning  our Summer Holiday. So many places to see, so little time and there’s a budget to stick to. We already booked our plane ticket but still getting all confused whether to bring the little one with us  for a well-deserved  pampering and adventure trip in a Top Destination somewhere in my country.  We are still lost.


Part of me says I want to have a beer-pong with the hubby  and spoon and squeeze each other in a tiny bed and the other part of me wants to cuddle with the child in a much more wholesome family trip.


Is it better to travel with children or not? We haven’t tried travelling without him. And he’s never alone with neither of us.

Good thing we have a lot of time to think about it. But the OCD in me says it needs to be finalized next Monday. Haha.

I wish  I have a red wine in my hand while dancing the night away in my sexy lingerie, but Reality says, “put the child to bed now. It’s getting late”. 




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