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How can you Stop them from Growing up?

My little one is turning 3 next week.

My heart is neither happy nor sad, confused more about this feeling because he is growing up so fast. And I can’t do anything to stop it.

I wonder if my parents felt the same. If it breaks their heart seeing their kids grow and leave the nest. From being like an over-possessive boyfriend in their toddler years and slowly drifting away to adulthood. Oh, it pains me just thinking this adoration will soon be over.  Right now, he showers me with kisses and hugs and twinkling eyes and squeals whenever I arrive from work. And pleads every time  for a lullaby every single night. And this precious boy, oh how I love his smell even when it sometimes the nasty combination of 3 days of not bathing. I am Wonder Woman in his eyes. I can bake cakes and cookies most days and make spider bites go away like magic ( every little rash he gets for him is a spider bite) .

Motherhood is an amazing joy ride. The house still is never clean. The clothes overflowing in the closet. Cookie crumbs on the carpet, and blueberry stains in the sofa. I have no idea where most of my fridge magnets from my travels went. But this little guy has this amazing power to melt all my frustrations away.


Children are wonderful gifts from God no matter how challenging parenthood is. It teaches you  how to love beyond words. It exposes you to the depths of your soul you never knew before. It makes you grateful for being someone to someone. It makes life worth living and going to work more easy.  It gives you hope and excitement for the future. It makes you more reliant to God. It makes you more thankful that there is a God.

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