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The week passed by like a revolving-door that won’t turn. So many things happened.  I was literally gasping for air to see the weekend.

Finally I finished my Swimming Test. A month-long of preparation had paid the price. I am not a great swimmer as per my husband’s definition so it was really nerve-wracking to be jumping into  the water where my feet couldn’t touch the ground. I love going to the beach just for the sun and the sand in my hair. But once the salt water gets in to my eyes, forget it. That’s why I never really like swimming. So when the new job asked for it, I did not have any choice but take the plunge and get serious with it.  The six am reporting time was no joke. I was nervous.  The butterflies  which happened to be living inside my tummy since my training started got all crazy that day. I felt like vomiting, my mouth so dry of thirst and my knees shaking under my luminous pink shorts.


But God, as good and faithful as always refrain me from drowning. I successfully able to put my life-jacket on after swimming from one side of the pool to the other  before I sank to the bottom of the pool. Yes, my thirst got quenched eventually with the amount of water I drank. Lol. But hey, I still made it.

Then came the Final Exam that could drive anybody insane with the amount of information you need to remember. Well, I have been studying like a mad woman since day one. Balancing motherhood and studies is like  aiming to be a tightrope walker. But came that magical day, I slept only for 1.5 hours and had a panic -attack the night before. I was so stressed. I thank God for his provision of strength and wisdom. I did not faint that day and managed to achieve a high score. One mistake out of 139 items. Not bad huh? I cannot do anything on own. Where did that strength come from? The One who is in me. Definitely.

I still have a few more weeks to finish. The studying gets even more drastic. No weekend movie-marathon in the horizon. I have a work book due on Monday. I have practical exams to get ready for. Despite of the stress and the load I am carrying on, I feel happy. God is with me. I prayed for this and He supplied me with everything I need. My husband cooks my meals and drop me off to my trainings  when he’s not flying. I have new-found friends for keeps. Great is the Lord!

And hey it’s still the weekend plus the Manual and the caffeine I am free to consume!

Hope you had a fantastic week too!

God bless!


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