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The Whole 30, Anyone?


I’ve been contemplating lately to do this.

Have you ever heard about this new fad diet that’s been going around in the social media lately The Whole 30? If not check this out. It’s actually sounds pretty promising. The effects and the testimonials of people who did this.

I have endometriosis. It’s a nasty female disease that I had laparoscopy for three years ago. I get really bad cramps, had painful sex and had a cyst in my right ovary the size of an orange . There’s no cure to this. Only a bunch load of hormonal therapy until finally maybe deciding to remove everything there altogether.


But I still want to have more kids in the future.

And honestly, I am a  health nut except for the times when I crave for chocolates . But I exercise regularly, drink occasionally, never smoke and lives a well-balanced life. However, I’ve been seeing the changes of consuming too much  dairy, sugar and grains do to my body.  The bloat, the mood-swings and the colds, and the sore throats and mouth ulcers I get so frequently. I do my check-ups regularly. I know it has something to do with what I eat, even the healthy stuff ( I learned) can really bring so much discomfort and bad effects later in life. I am  just tired of feeling weak or unwell for no reason.

One time I was talking with the husband. We started discussing about food. And then all of a sudden we came down to a conclusion that in this point in time, even with the advances in medicine people get sick more than ever. And we both agreed that it’s the excess that what makes people sick. Yes, it’s nice to eat out. Of course the food will taste great. But are we all aware of how much preservatives and additives just to make it palatable? How much sugar derivatives has been added to that dessert that’s why it was so freaking amazing?

I am a home baker. And as much as I love my cakes and my cookies I get really conscious about the amount of sugar I use. I want to eat these treats but I will not risk my  over all health and the health of the people I am sharing them with.

The dairy I decided to let go.I drink tea in the morning. I gave up coffee. It gives me bad breath.

I still bake but I get more strict with my recipes and sticking to the healthier version of everything.

I don’t count calories anymore. Instead I prepare meals in advance. I still eat meat. I still eat pasta and brown rice and a little bit of bread from time to time.

I haven’t completely committed to Whole 30 yet but I am slowly trying to eliminate the bad stuff. Right now, I am eliminating sugar and dairy and legumes. I believe what the Whole 30 is trying to achieve and I am all for that.

I want to live a long  healthy life with me and my family. And as a mom, I have a great responsibility to prepare healthy food for the entire house and get everyone in the household educated.

We still enjoy eating out but not as much as we used to. We can heal our bodies naturally. And I believe it’s worth a try.




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