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Why I cannot have a Coffee Table

If only Ikea is same like souq.com perhaps I already received that reminder to purchase the item I saved for later. I love browsing stuff and saving them when the right time comes. That indefinite time frame which depends entirely on the husband and the child’s behaviour. I have too many saved. No date yet as to which that actual buying will occur.

Scrolling down endless designs of furnitures and home decor is my kind of therapy. When there are lazy days permitted to do absolutely nothing , I prefer just looking over Pinterest for home inspirations.

Right now, I want a coffee table . Or just a center table for the living room.

We don’t have one. We have a dining table though.

I have checked most of the online furniture stores here in UAE.Β  I already found what I wanted but there’s the BUT. And that But is never good like the rest of other things I want to add to our home.

My little one will just destroy it. I am 100% sure we cannot have a vase or anything breakable that’s his arm’s reach. It can be just a lonesome table but ( there it goes again) I am 110% sure he will just draw on it, will try to peel it off or jump on it like its a mattress. Certainly, being a minimalist didn’t come by choice, ‘coz I have none. I have a toddler. And the less stuff you have in the house, the better.

It’s so tempting to add color to the house. I even wanted to paintΒ  the wall.


Here ‘s my choice.

But yeah, our toddler is an artist. And at the moment we prefer to just embrace his painting abilities.

I still have a year or two til I get the freedom to decorate the house. Now, it’s bare when he’s asleep andΒ  a war zone ( because of his toys) when he’s up.

Sometimes I envy my friends’ clean houses and their coffee table.

But yeah, the days are long but the years are short.


One day I will get that coffee table. And I will paint my wall.



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