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How Much Sleep is Too Much Sleep?

I have this problem for the longest time.


This is also one of the reasons why me and the hubby fights. He can sleep for 10 hours ( sometimes more) straight missing breakfast and lunch. While I spend my day with my child doing everything in the house. When he ( finally) wakes up it’s midday and the child is ready for his afternoon nap. He missed playing with daddy in the day. When the hubby is ready for me  I am mostly spent and in need of a rest in the couch. But his day just started.  This loop is going on since we got married. I wake up early and sleep late. I hardly get a goodnight sleep let alone 6 hours of snooze. I feel tired and restless indeed. I only get to sleep early and well when he’s gone for long flights.  I tried to understand him with his sleeping patterns , given the fact that he’s a night owl but I love waking up early and disdain staying up late.  I am trying to convince him to meet each other half way sometimes it works but mostly failed.

Until I read this article.

How much sleep is a sign of personal laziness? And how little sleep is a sign of faithless arrogance?

After reading this whenever I feel tired but there are still lots of things to tick off the box I will always question myself first:  Is the Lord leading me to do this, and humbling myself for His sustenance? Or am I just testing Him if he’s going to avoid me having a heart attack if I forego another sleepless night?

The Lord knows what’s in my heart. I cannot hide anything from him. And He knows when I need to sleep and do the rest tomorrow. And He knows when I am just making excuses, or when I am trying to act like a Super Hero missing sleep to save… exactly what? the mountain-load of laundry waiting in the dryer, or the chocolate stains in the chairs? Hah.


I believe that God is a decisive worker . ” God is the decisive seed sprouter and grower of fruits. And the advancement of the Kingdom is not entirely dependent on us… He can do it, And so it so it should relieve us of a God complex or a Messiah Complex”.

And in regards with the hubby, I need him to read this article too.

Desiring God . Ask Pastor John : How Much Sleep is too Much Sleep?


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