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Hot Pot with Friends

Even though the weather is still boiling at 43 degrees the husband and I suggested our friends to go for Hot pot. There’s something about that Yin and Yang soup which makes our insides jump for joy.

Yes, we hate eating out with our toddler, so we did our best to plead our relatives to look after him for several hours. And Lo and Behold we were able to convince one of my nieces to take care of Sasha.

hotpot 1

We hardly find time to go out as a couple, because it’s always a challenge to find  someone willing to look after our child. And in Dubai it’s a luxury to have a nanny or leave your child to a Day Care.  This hot pot date is a long time coming. It’s different now when you have a child as compared when you only have each other. I bet most of our single and married (without kids ) friends always have this hesitation to invite us out. Truly it takes  weeks of preparation to go out. And that what makes it magical for us. Simple joys in life are priceless.

We love being parents as much we love being like fugitives from time to time, stealing moments to find adult-time.

hotpot 2hot pot 3

On our way home, me and the husband always find that moment to really talk about “life”. Whether it’s coming home from church or Carrefour the serious talk in the car always  brings life-changing thoughts for us.

As time goes by, the more we realize and appreciate God’s presence in our marriage and in our parenting. We changed so much as compared to when we were just dating or that time when we were just new parents.

God continuously moves us and humbles us to walk His way. Instead of wallowing out in self-pity when thing get hard we learned to hold on to His promises and remember the amazing things He did in the past. God continuously reminds us what’s important and what’s not worth our time. Money is not everything. He taught us instead to be great stewards of His blessings. And to live simply and not rely our happiness in material things. We value time and relationships.  Love is the constant force. Kindness is given freely.

Thank you Lord for your wisdom and your guidance. Life is not always easy but with You nothing is difficult.

God bless!

Little Lamb Hot pot JBR.



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