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Every day Essentials

No matter how busy my day gets, I need to have these:

  1. Quiet Time in the Morning.
  2. Quiet Time Before Bed.

Reading my Bible, writing in my journal, singing praises. I am never the same         person. And it feels good. When everyone is asleep I have my time with Him.

every day

3. Minimal Make up. A lipstick always saves the Day.


I used to buy a lot of foundations and blushes and countouring Kit. Now that I am a mom, hardly got the time to do all that.  Powder, Bronzer/Blush and a Lipstick. They’ll do the wonders for me.

At home, I never miss to put on my moisturizer and my lipstick.

4. A quick workout.

Not a good feeling carrying the pouch so I need to always find time for this.

every day 2

5. At least an hour to read.

So many amazing books, so little time. So many things you can learn at the touch of your fingertips, or my Kindle.

everyday 3

What is your must-do every day?




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