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5 Reasons Why Eating Out with a Toddler is Always a Bad Idea

I don’t want to rant here again. Haha.

But we find eating out with a toddler always a bad idea, unless it’s McDonald’s with Play Place. Sure. Let’s go. But fine dining? buffet? romantic setting? Forget it. We’d rather stay home.

The last time we took out our little one with us for a great evening of fun, great food and wine was when my in-laws came to visit last April. We went to this great Asian-themed Buffet Restaurant in Atlantis. We previously worked in that hotel (before we crossed-over to our careers in Aviation) and although we know the tricks and trade in the hotel business, unfortunately we still failed to make our little one behave. I did not eat well. I just felt exhausted that night. I can’t remember how many times we went to the toilet just because he was bored.

So here it is,

If you will invite us out for  lunch or dinner in a fancy restaurant, please consider these for people like us with kids:


  1. Toddlers Have Super Powers Whenever They are Outside – That means they are a ball of energy. No matter how you wrestle with them, if they don’t want to sit in that high chair , they won’t and if you insist you know what will happen next. He will scream and hit his head. You don’t want that. And as much as you want to spank him, you’re in public. Not good. ( true story)
  2.  They will not really eat. They only find pleasure playing with your food. – A $100 meal for nothing! and watch out for spills!  He will try as much as he can to ruin that beautiful dress you finally able to wear after buying it six months ago. You will try to smile and find your composure. But you know you’re about to hit your boiling point.
  3. They like visiting the toilet a hundred times just because the lights there are different, or just because they enjoy making your life miserable outside the house. – Always happens. Whether it’s only a coffee shop with a tiny wash room, or that icky toilet at the gas station. If he says he wants to pee, you’ve got to go. I hated him so much  that time when we went out for Hot Pot in Jumeirah Beach and it was cold and raining and spending your time in that dimly place eating a bowl of soup you made was just perfect. We love that Chinese Place so much and everything felt awesome if only my toddler didn’t spend the whole evening visiting the toilet. He did number two twice. I barely ate, again.
  4. He will only eat bread and ice cream and the Hubby will not be Happy but you know that’s the only way you can control him sitting in that high chair- Again, waste of money and energy. Having that chance to eat the most delicious and the most expensive or authentic dishes  but you know you won’t able to do that since the little one just want you to focus on the Bread Area and the Desserts Section. And as much as you want to just release him in that chair, you know the next disaster that can happen. He can break all the china in that place.
  5. He will either ask for his bed too early, ( if you’re out for dinner) or ask for a toy you forgot to bring .– And you know that’s bad news. Because he will not stop crying and irritating you unless you produce it out of thin air.

So thank you very much for inviting us. We would LOoooooooooooove to go out definitely! But if we don’t have any of our relatives available to leave our precious little one for that event, I suggest that I will just labor the entire day preparing a feast for us in the comforts of our home, where I can somehow control him. I am dying to be in the company of adults.This is all for our sakes. Let us go out maybe next year, when he’s four hoping that time he will behave better.





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