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Hoop Earrings – Minimalist Style

gold 3

I have always been fascinated with Hoop Earrings. I own several types of them over the years. But I noticed that as I age, some type of earrings don’t fit any more. I have been a great fan of hoops and dangling ones with elaborate design that most of the time screams “attention”.  Now that I’m in my 30s (just like how I automatically ditched some type of clothing ) I decided to let go some of my hoops and try to stick to the classy type which are thin,moderate in size and still easy to pull off in any occasion.

Here are my picks :



Gold 6gold 7gold 8gold 9gold 10Gold


4 thoughts on “Hoop Earrings – Minimalist Style

  1. I love hoop earrings. I especially love where the originated, becoming minimalist and high fashion after being born in urban and inner city black communities. I adore my hoops haha, I could never let them go. In fact, I need more! Great post, and thanks for sharing!
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    Mena |

  2. I love hoop earrings! My own minimalist accessories I’ve noticed I outgrow rather often so I opted for small hoops and metal studs! ^^ Love this

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