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7 Tips for Less Headache When Traveling with a Toddler

I have been flooding my instagram for photos from our recent travel.

Well, first and foremost we didn’t go anywhere special. We just flew a couple of miles to my hometown in the Philippines and during those days we were mostly just bumming in the house with a few errands to nearby places.

Yes, I would looooooooove to go to Boracay or just to Batangas. But after our experience in the plane with our child it made us to have second thoughts. And indeed in the end we gave ourselves a favor.

I don’t know how long it’s gonna last, but I hope somebody can give me a full assurance that this toddler life is going to get easy soon. Our 1.5 week/s of stay in our place didn’t recharge us at all. Instead we wereΒ  chasing him everywhere like chickens without heads. The tantrums had reached our boiling point. Our minds were totally blown away.

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And if I could give mothers tips on how to travel with less headache with a toddler I guess you can continue reading down my Seven Tips for Less HeadacheΒ  When Your Traveling with a Toddler :

  1. Prepare for Battle. – I mean really. Spend at least two nights with maximum eight-hour sleep. Advice the husband to do the same. While pattern the departure time of your flight to your child’s sleep two days prior. This, we had successfully managed to do. Since we were having a night flight it was easy to knock him out once we took off. He just woke up when we land which made the flight a little less chaotic, except for… go to Number 3.
  2. Please don’t give him any treats. -Stick to carrots and sugar-free biscuits like Marie and lots of water. No matter how he tries to manipulate the both of you with his naughty smile for a cookie and a chocolate milk. Skip the food court in the airports. Just go to coffee shop and away from the bake-display. Please. Let him cry if he can’t get a muffin. I was fooled by my little one and we suffered the consequences. I let him lick my ice cream cone a few times and in the end we couldn’t find him in the sea of passengers once the Boarding starts. He won’t fasten his seat belt. And although he was sleeping in the flight, I think he was still having sugar rush because…
  3. Get Ready not to Sleep At all. – Even though all of us have our own seats, it was only our toddler who really used them. While the husband and I were sitting side by side our toddler, me giving my lap as his pillow and the hubby the poor end of the bed-kinda , during the whole flight we were like two frightened adults holding a bomb. Every little move we make he snaps with loud voice. My toddler has a voice of 35 year old man. So loud it can awaken anybody. And not only that, he either kicks my husband or slam the folded tray not giving any mercy to the other passenger asleep who was in front of us. Well, those three passengers didn’t sleep with us as well. Sorry. That’s why it’s really important to do Number 1. And don’t forget to bring your Kindle and some cash. Purchasing alcohol comes handy and helps the both of you to stay sane while cruising the sky for a nine-hour flight.
  4. Pack Light but bring extra clothes for everyone on your hand carry.Β  Forget bringing your make up bag. Just Facial Wipes and Lipstick. If you carry too many small things you will just end up losing them. As for me, my little one likes opening my purse. So I keep the very important documents and personal effects sealed and concealed from his prying eyes. One time, he almost rip our passports. Which leads me to Number 5.
  5. Get him his own Backpack. We literally put all his favorite toys and his pillow for the flight. That nasty old smelly pillow he cannot live without and a few toy cars worth losing. So whenever he wants those things he know where to look and will just leave my purse alone.
  6. No matter what happens bring a Stroller. This one not only because he needs it but also for your convenience. To put your handbag, the stuff your bought in Duty Free, fastening a child who’s having a tantrum, to strap a hesitant child to put fresh clothes, to walk faster and for your family members to spot you quickly at the Arrival Gate. Because you’re the only pushing a stroller with a little boy so loud people won’t believe he’s just two.
  7. Pray. –This is so underrated. But this is the only thing that holds us both and kept us from hurting anybody. Haha. Gone are the days when we look forward to flying in style and really enjoy our time away from home but praying keeps us grounded and grateful despite of the challenges of traveling with a toddler who keeps eating our mind. Praying together help us marvel the chaos and beauty of being parents. And appreciate the journey even more.

This is only the first part.

I will write a few stories worth sharing in a couple of days!

Thanks for stopping by!



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