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No More Crying for Crunches


I hate doing crunches.

But having a belly pooch is the easiest way to acquire after two days straight of pasta and bread. Gosh.  I hate waking up the next day and not be able to wear anything without that ugly bump mocking me in the face. Plus the husband giving me the “look” that I need to do my sit-ups properly or else…

So thanks to standing ab workouts!


Right now I am doing these videos twice each. Almost 20 minutes of just sculpting the abs.


Look at the results ( my picture above). In less than a week. I am so happy!

I add this one too when I still have extra time ( when the child is still asleep)

The muffin top  is still at work. I do this one… painfully.

Yeah that’s right once you hit 3-0, you’re body is behaving differently. Extra effort needed to keep that physique. Easy on the pizza next time, ‘coz payback time is a total B*$%^!!!

Have a great workout!

2 thoughts on “No More Crying for Crunches

  1. You look great lady! The best way to tone that belly is with some solid nutrition! get in those healthy foods and you will be reaching your goals in no time. Although, I really feel that your stomach area is already very toned and most ladies would kill to have your midsection!

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