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Summer Holiday Thoughts

summer 2

If I could just teleport right now I would be very happy to be somewhere else . Our AC just broke down. Of all the days or seasons. When it’s almost 50degrees outside, the rusty old guy decided to rain on my parade. Literally. Because it’s actually raining inside our house because of the water leak coming from the ceiling for almost a month now. Little did we know that’s our AC’s telling us our relationship is not working anymore.

The cracks did show. But we just ignore it. Little drops of rain whenever we switch it off.Β  We turn it on for about 20 minutes and turn it off again. You see, our AC is a strong guy but we just lack care. We abuse his power and his mood. We were told to keep the temperature to minimum 25 but we kept pushing our luck to 27 and playing with the button like we are all toddlers here. We feel hot then we feel cold. Now our house is few degrees to hell. No need to workout we are sweating just opening our mouths. Typing this post I already lost 2 glasses worth of sweat. Poor little Sasha his hair never gets dry even when he took shower a few hours ago. We are a being roasted in our own home.

I like to think of beaches, and watermelons and pineapples and pork barbecue.

I dream of summer vacation sans the toddler.

Take me to Maldives. Or just Boracay.

I’m still praying to God He will let us. Mom deserves a break.

What’s on your summer wish list?

Here’s mine.

eat all day, workout no more
get lost in the scenery
Explore everything there is to explore
convince the hubby to try all these
spend the night in an exotic hotel room
up there with my love


Pretty simple huh?

I can’t wait.



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