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Minimalist- Girl Crush – How Motherhood Changed My Style

Sara Donaldson, Harper and Harley

Kim Jones, Miss Jones


‘Guess I am a big fan of blacks and whites, simple and classy. When you’re a mom-on-the-go, you only have 15 minutes to get ready. Most of my outfits don’t require ironing. Give me a nice lipstick and a tinted moisturizer and an eyelash curler+ mascara and I am good to go. These two are my inspiration for my go-to  every day look. I believe you don’t need to spend half a day to look polished. You only need the best essentials in your wardrobe. No need to break the bank. Becoming a mom made me frugal and practical in buying stuff. I go for quality now instead of quantity. I don’t need a rack full of shoes that would only gather dust. Instead I prefer a nice pair  which I can use on several occasions. I used to adore 4-5 inch- stilettos, now I can only walk in kitten heels while balancing a bag of groceries and a Mochaccinno while eyeing on a toddler who can do a sprint any moment.

Perhaps I will dye my hair black,  back to my original color. Instead of going crazy  with blondes and reds, I will spend on treatments. I have mistreated my hair for so long. No wonder they turning grey and brittle more and more.

And instead of hoardering make-up, I will stick to a few pieces that stood the test of time. Focus more on skincare. I just discovered now,  how Hyaluronic Acid is so important in your beauty regimen. And vitamin C and collagen and retinol. I know wash, tone , moisturize and exfoliate from time to time. But the contents of good stuff in your product is as important as well.

With so many things going on in my mind, I love being a minimalist. I cannot show you a museum of stuff. But I can tell you what really works.


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