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The $1000 Fitness Challenge With the Husband

He may have the makings of a model but limelight isn’t his thing. I kinda like that about him actually. He is one of those simple and humble folks who are irritatingly good-looking and expect NOT to ever brag about it, except maybe in the bedroom.

But he knows that beauty is not forever. Although admittedly, he’s been joking that he could be Dorian Gray.

Then one day, out of the blue, he asked me to join him in a thousand-dollar fitness challenge, 30 days, at least 15 minutes a day, wherever he might be in Sri Lanka , Bangkok or Prague. Jetlag or no sleep. Thirty days no excuse. Yes, it’s actually just a piece of cake to some, even to me. I do 45 minutes minimumΒ  ’til I can actually squeeze sweat from my workout clothes five days a week. But to him, who won’t even consider running with me in the park or with Sasha, who will exchange lying down in the sofa or in the beach with a book in hand in a jiffy sounds actually like miracle hearing he wants to improve his physique. So there, if he miss a day I can just swipe our Credit Card instantly frommy Wish List section in my account or grab a taxi to Dubai Mall the next day.


It’s been a week since we started. The guy is not missing a day. Rain or shine. Delayed and stuck in Chittagong he’s doing his fitness routine religiously. Well it’s still early to tell let’s see if he’s willing to take me out on a shopping spree in weeks to come.


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