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10 Minute Full Body Circuit : New Fitness Routine


I am all about 10 minute workouts. But that means, I get to do 10 minute cardio, 10 minute abs, 10 minute legs, 10 minute butt lift and 10 minute yoga for relaxation. Haha. Never simple nor easy. But it’s never boring for me this way.

Right now I am mixing these five days a week.


Sometimes, I cant move from the bed the moment I wake up. Sore everywhere. Good luck to you if you want to do this. In all honesty, it burns like hell and I am so happy seeing the results. Jeans fitting well, legs so proud to show off, bye-bye love handles and muffin top!

But of course, watching what you eat is very important. Lessen midnight feasts and load up on protein and greens and fruits. I bake cakes on weekends. But this time I don’t eat the whole cake anymore. Lol.


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