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The Sun is Out and So is He

Just when I was about to sip my coffee and do my morning quiet time I hear his familiar footsteps coming in. I have only been sitting alone for five minutes and yet my toddler already figured out I am already up. When the husband is on a day off I stayed up so late, so we can bond. We watch movies or TV series till 3 am. I love spending time with my man. He massages my feet and he never fails to pick the best movie or  tv show to watch. I consider it our holy hour to be really together without our toddler, who seems to be getting the best of us each day. This  growing phase of the child really requires a ton of energy and patience.  So it’s really important to have at least 2 hours of uninterrupted time with the husband no matter how late or tired I am just to recharge and to feel human again. We don’t do couple’s night as much like going to the movies or eating in a fancy restaurant but I consider that moment when the child falls asleep as our couple’s night sans the fancy dinner.

husband time

Before I can sneak out  at six and do my alone time just fine. I read my bible, pray and meditate. If I get lucky I can do my Pilates or my Yoga even just before the little one gets up. Now that he’s two and a half, I do my Barre exercise when he is in the bath with the door open while mommy is with the chair bending ,pushing and squatting, pile-ing. It’s the only way I know I can do my workout without being hit or punched  by my two-year old. Sometimes he imitates my downward facing dog and hip rocks.

With my list so long I want to cry sometimes, the chores at home are getting a bit challenging now that my little one talks more, understands better and knows what he wants with more certainty. It’s more difficult too that he speaks English and Ukrainian and Russian. Most days I am just lost in translation. He loves to color our walls with anything. It’s as if his white board and chalk board aren’t enough to express his artistic side. Oh he loves books too. So much he eats them. I emptied out our drawers and shelves and hid them because mommy is losing her sanity seeing her favorite books ripped and chewed on. Oh motherhood.

He loves to dance and sing. He creates his own lyrics too. He is amazed and enchanted with classical music. He goes loco whenever we play “The Flight of the Bumblebee”. His parents are both frustrated musicians and singers and it gives us a glimmer of hope that maybe a grand piano wouldn’t be so bad of an investment on his 4th birthday. We have an ample time to save up.

Or maybe a drum set. There are more instances now that I see him banging the tv. I can’t help but scream in total horror whenever I see our television shake from where it stands. It’s only been a year since we bought that tv. And what about the washing machine and the gas cooker he so loves switching on and off until the gas timer went loose . Sometimes I wish I can just tie him up. I’m so scared that one day he will break all our furniture and appliances. It’s either that or him breaking a bone or cutting his face. Toddler’s energy is like an adult man who drank ten Redbulls or something.

toddler 2

When he’s awake our floor is covered with toys and pillows and clothes. I am really getting tired picking them up. I gave up cleaning during the day and just invest an hour scrubbing off dirt and folding clothes and picking up toys before I go to bed.


I sleep at 3 ,  I am awake by 730 am. So when people ask me  what I do all day and if I get bored or something  I just smile. I am too tired to even answer their questions. Motherhood is a full-time job. It’s not even your 9-5 . But even though it’s exhausting I still think and feel deep in my heart that it’s the most fulfilling job ever. When love is the currency, you go to bed with a big smile on your face.

What about you? How are you keeping up with your toddler? I wish you more strength and patience. Just remember your mother.




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