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I’m Trying my Best to Juggle

They have no idea how many boxes we need to tick in a regular day.

The house needs cleaning. Oh and look at the walls covered in permanent markers. The sofa is barely recognizable.

I wonder where I misplaced all the towels since the little one kept taking them out of the closet. Never mind the books, I kept them hidden under the bed.


There’s a pie to bake.

Vegetable soup to prepare.

The laundry is piling up again.

I need to focus on my Trades and other Business stuff. But I only have one brain.

Tons of Finance books to finish.

Can’t do shopping, so now I am getting addicted virtually. Ordering online is really magical, without a toddler to chase while you check the make-up aisle.

I updated my CV for the millionth time. I miss being around adults. Maybe I need to put more effort in really finding a job that I would love.

Little one is asking mummy to pay attention to him. He wants me to ride his Blue Range Rover. Mummy is too big for the car.


Brother messaging in Facebook. ‘Gosh do I really need to be the one to write your resignation letter?

AC water leaking in the ceiling. To call maintenance.

I still need to workout super hard to strengthen my abs.Β  But all I want right now is a juicy burger.

Oh someone is ringing the door bell.

Hubby is asking about something I need to remind him of.Β  I completely forgotten.

Doctor’s appointment at five o’clock.


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