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Fitmom: No Bread, No Dairy Diet

Last year I decided to go back taking the pills. As much as I hate it, I was left with no choice but consider it again since my right ovary has a cyst that is growing at a rapid speed. I don’t want to undergo another laparoscopy. If you’re unfamiliar with this subject, I am one of those millions of women who is suffering from Endometriosis.

I had my first laparoscopy in 2014 when we discovered that I have a cyst in my left ovary as big as an orange. No wonder everything just hurts whenever that day of the months comes and so much other inconveniences I don’t want to discuss. ‘Praise God that everything went well, and I got pregnant quickly ( so many women with PCOS and endometriosis suffer infertility).

I don’t want to bore you with the details of this disease, but I hope one day our doctors will finally find out the cause and make it disappear once and for all.

I still want to have kids that’s why I don’t want the cyst to grow.

I don’t want to take the pills because of its side effects.

Last night I couldn’t sleep thinking of other ways to alter the medication for my Endo.Β  I want to take a holistic approach this time and quit the pill. Only last month when I started having Lactose Intolerance (again) and my bloated-ness won’t seem to go away then I decided that major changes in my diet should be highly considered.

As much as I love my chocolates, my coffee and my cakes ( I am a baker) , there are things in life worth sacrificing for.


I am reading The China Study, a great book about nutrition. And this new healthy lifestyle I am about to take makes more sense now.Β  So I started avoiding dairy and gluten. Ever since we don’t consume a lot of meat in our household so adjustment in that category is not a problem. Sometimes I get really lazy making salads and green smoothies but I realized that whole-food and plant-based diet is a-way to go to have a healthy body. In this day and age, it’s so hard to resist the things you see in the supermarket. We automatically assume that as long as it’s cheap and it taste good it’s okay. I usually eat something because it makes me happy, ( my taste buds) and just neglecting the nutritional benefits if there is any. I like eating out and baking cakes. But now that changes are needed I stopped fighting with my husband to just order delivery instead of cooking a healthy meal. He is the actual health nut/frugal typeΒ  in our house. The baking part still very present, but this time I give more emphasis on sharing whatever I bake and use whole-food ingredients instead. Less sugar, healthy alternatives without sacrificing taste.

I want to take care of myself for my family. I want to be able to have more kids and grow old with my husband. We are passionate about attaining our financial goals and I believe that being healthy is another form of wealth as well.

I had steam sweet potatoes for breakfast and a green smoothie. How boring. But yeah, this is worth the sacrifice.

Have a good day!


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