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Body Issues

I don’t like postponing things. If I don’t like something I cannot fight it. It will only keep on gnawing me inside until I start hating. When I don’t like how I behave, when I cannot impose the needed self-control I feel really disappointed.

For me it’s not about how much I weigh.

I am 5’7 , skinny by standards at 47 kg/ 103 lbs and my BMI is always way below normal. I always get teased for being skinny. No hips, no boobs. Flat as a surfing board. You know, body shaming is much worse for people like us.

Those who cannot be like you throw rocks at you.

But my husband loves me for me. High fashion models don’t have those things as well and it’s working to their advantage. And I don’t hate myself for not having the glass figure, full bosom and the Kim K. butt. As long as I know I am healthy, I take good care of myself it doesn’t matter if I don’t tick those boxes.


I love working out, targeting the abs and glutes. People can say whatever they want just because I don’t look like them and I am okay with that.

I don’t want to live for other people to like me.



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