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The Story of Us

This weekend was pretty hectic for us. The hubby has so many layover flights and minimum rest day. When the weather is this hot, Sasha and I gets the minimum option of just waiting for his dad’s day off to be able to go out. As much as I just want to take a taxi and bring him to the park at night when the sun is no longer punishing us, going back home is a bit risky and the husband won’t approve.

This is the one thing I don’t like about summer here. I pity the children living in Dubai for having this less option to go out and play like normal children do. I grew up climbing trees and rolling in grass fields and riding boats to cross the river. Here,  going out to play is limited to park or  Malls when the weather becomes unbearable.

Honestly, it’s taking a toll on us. The routine is becoming deadly.  We want to go out as much and play and interact with people. I asked one of my girlfriends for a play date with her child next week here in the house while us moms bake some new cake recipe I am currently working on. I bet the kids want to play hide and seek or build sand castles if they have a choice. But staying home is what they can do. Arrgggg!

While the husband is mostly tired from work and trying to sleep as much as he can whenever he’s home, me and my child are eating his brain to take us out. It’s becoming a tug of war nowadays. I feel sorry for him having to listen to us fighting to get out and stay out. I blame the boredom and the weather.

Yesterday we celebrated our 3rd year wedding anniversary. We dated for 2 years before we said our “I dos”. We had a fight after our lunch date. Again, because mommy wanted to stay longer in the mall while the daddy just wanted to go home and rest for the night flight ahead. We were barely speaking to each other when we reached home. I was fuming with rage while he was trying his best to get me in the mood. But the stubborn me won’t let go and won’t understand. I did not prepare dinner, instead I stayed in our bedroom pretending to sleep. Then I prayed. And I cried. The old me was trying to trick me again, telling me how nice it was way back then. The traveling, the shopping, and just being able to do what I please. Then God’s voice came whispering as I wiped down my tears. It was stupid to think about those times. I have forgotten again that what I have now is so much better. So many people out there would be willing to trade places.

After some time, when the child was already sound asleep and the hubby was getting ready for his flight, he took my hand and said ” happy 3rd year anniversary my love!”.  I saw his eyes twinkled with a hint of tears about to flow. He may not be the most outspoken and flamboyant lover to express his love for me, but that moment I can see and feel that he meant it. He asked me if I am happy with him. And why I love him. I started to laugh and cry at the same time. We fight a lot about silly things. He said I can do so much better and why did I pick him? I smiled coz I know as well that any girl can fall in love with him so easily not only because he is very good-looking but because he is the most genuinely kind person I have ever known.


As years went by, this thing called love has more depth and gets even more mysterious and sometimes inexplicable. He said he doesn’t know what love is anymore because it’s way different that it was before. The person you chose to spend the rest of your life with, through good and bad, is the same person who can make you laugh and cry at the same time, can stretch your patience to the very last strand and still be the person you cannot live without. It’s as if your oxygen is partly coming from that person, no matter how irritating and loving and crazy they can be.

I realized that us women put so much expectations when there’s a holiday. May it be Christmas, or Mother’s day or a Wedding Anniversary. Sometimes I put my husband in the pedestal to blow me away, to acknowledge my existence and my good work running the house and the sacrifices I made to be a mother. But  I often miss that he’s out there hustling as well making sure that we will have a comfortable and fulfilling lives in the future. It was foolish of me to limit myself that love can only be expressed through old-school love letters, jewelry and dozens of white roses. I forgot that real love means also forgoing your needs and putting the needs of others first, sacrificing some luxury in order to provide something better and worthwhile someday. He is very unconventional. But my heart still gets weak whenever I see how much love , consideration and patience he put up with me and us.  This marriage is a great ride. Sometimes we feel like kids driving in a convertible as the strong winds brushing us away, and there were times we were like an old couple in the 1940s. The quiet and solemn nights and long drives of just exchanging breaths and thoughts about life and dreams and hopes. I am grateful to God that he picked him for me. And I swear he would say the same thing to me.

We are one and the same in different ways. He is my opposite and yet we are the same. He’s the pacifier and I bring war. He’s the Big Picture Guy and I am into the details.  Marriage has a way of revealing us something about ourselves we didn’t know before. Something that no short-lived relationships can reveal. The love, the passion, the friendship, the teamwork, the playfulness, the battlefield. It all comes down to an end in mind. God brought us for a reason. We are brought here as a team to glorify Him, to be stewards of his blessings and be caretakers of beautiful children He wants us to enjoy.


Marriage is a beautiful thing. Take time to nourish it and pray for it. Never compare what you have to anyone else. Remember that God brought the both of you out of those millions of people trying to find true love to create a wonderful life together.

God bless!


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