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Minimalist Home – Office Space Inspiration

I am dreaming to have my own home- office space. Yikes. I wonder what the husband will say.

We are currently living in a one-bedroom apartment. The husband already decided to have another year here to avoid the hassle of moving out and the tedious ways to settle in again. How can I blame him? Last year when we move in here it took a month before the Internet/ Phone company to fix the WiFi. And again a month or two for the Gas company to connect our cooker.  What a nightmare!

Right now, I have a few businesses. The laptop is my only tool. But I fancy an office.  Of course. If only  I can create a space here where kids cannot enter. That would be great. Haha.

Once I get the budget right and the negotiation skills I may one day pitch this one to the husband.

home office 4home office 3home office 2home office


I just need a really good desk, a few decorations and a good old laptop and a toddler who will just stay away from it. I don’t want clutter.  Just my own creative space.  And it’s not the dining table.

Fingers crossed  I will get it.


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