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I do.

Whenever it’s Thursday I get all emotional.

I miss living in a suitcase somehow. But not everyday. Mostly Thursdays.

I always find it fascinating to be a tourist for a day in a foreign city. A 24-hour layover is sometimes enough. Travel is like flirting with life, you want to stay but you know you have to go. I love the short trips just enough to have a glimpse of what’s out there and come back to the same place after a month or two. And the flirting starts all over again.

I don’t know, but during those days when I used to fly a lot, going home was the best part. Maybe because my then-boyfriend- now-husband is in Dubai waiting zealously for my return. Hotel rooms were scary for me especially if there were two single beds. I remembered those nights when I scatter all my clothes in the empty bed just for me to abort the idea that maybe there was someone lying there. ( I used to pray a lot whenever I get KL , IΒ  want a Large King size. The hotel itself was eerie enough. I love Malaysia though)butΒ  I don’t like ghost stories. And crew life is never limited.

Now that I am married with a child we can’t wait to go for vacation. But I want to skip the flying part. With a toddler who won’t sit still, if only teleporting is an option count me first.

I don’t have regrets giving up my career to have a family. This is my dream. Always Been. And I owe it to God for giving me the opportunity to travel to 20+ countries before I settled down.

Travel is always in the list. Once Sasha is a little bit bigger maybe we will consider traveling as much. But for now, I will stay nostalgic with those places I’d been to.






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