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Minimalist Home – Succulents and Cactus

I am finding it difficult to grow plants at home. After countless attempts to have orchids or any-flowering producing plant I have decided to give up. It breaks my heart seeing them wither and die in a painful death after not having enough sun or having too much of it . The temperature just won’t make it possible, especially that summer is here.

And there goes the little one who won’t stop picking and pulling them apart every chance he Β gets. Β Oh, but I love our home. And seriously, if your spend too much time inside the house you really want to put effort to make it nice and pretty and cozy as much as you can. But the toddler just makes it challenging, of course.

I have grown succulents before. I had two. They lasted a month until one day it occurred to me that I may have watered them too much. The following day I saw them breaking apart. There you go. Goodbye succulents.


I feel jealous seeing homes growing them. They are so adorable don’t you think?

We are celebrating Mother’s day in May and I asked the hubby if he can get me plants instead of flowers. I initially considered buying artificial orchids just to lighten up the living room but he just doesn’t fancy anything fake. So we decided to get cactus instead.

I am worried about the little one picking on them. Oh. But what other choice do I have?

Any suggestions on Β pretty plants that are easy to grow?

I am dying to have a little like this here at home.


I hope they’ll live.

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