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When You’re Having a Bad day

I instantly jumped out off the bed as a familiar buzzing sound coming from outside started blazing into my ears. My phone.

I went to bed at 2. I was chatting with my brother in Facebook and when he said that we may not catch him in the Philippines this summer due to work-schedule constraints  I lost interest to go home, and put the IPAD down and left the phone charging in the living room. So when my ring tone came playing I thought it was just 5 am .

I overslept again. A friend of a friend was asking for a discount ticket to fly to Prague.

The little one woke up instantly. And the day rolled in, as usual.

As you may already know, I love to bake. And as much as I hate burning off the calories later, I still love to bake and have treats here and there from time to time as long as I will religiously spend at least half an hour every day  doing my fitness routine. But today and yesterday, I praise God for giving me the will-power not to hammer down our oven. I don’t know if I have overused it or it’s just broken. It’s not even 2 years since my husband bought it and yet, it as it I am completing a mission to Mars just to make it work. Damn!

Before it will take at least 20 minutes to have the spark on, then after more than a dozen cakes baked in agony and patience and misery and hard work and blood and burned hands, I finally figured out how to make it work. It’s all about holding the timer in the right time frame with the right temperature. Gosh. It’s pure hell. It’s making my blood boil. So really, when people tells me ” what a wonderful cake you bake” and I automatically exclaimed ” Oh my labor of love”, it literally is a labor of love.

When you love something so much it’s hard to give up. It breaks my heart every time the cake batter is ready, or the cookies are all set up in the tray because, again the oven is like the devil in disguise.

And yesterday, this same oven which I thought is already fixed is not working again no matter how I positioned the knob and the timer in it’s perfect places. Oh Lord, please help me.

I promised my cousin who just had a baby that I will bring her chocolate cake tonight. I have a new recipe.

But the oven ate my mind. It took me 2 hours to make it work. I was crying in the floor holding the knob when the baking actually takes 20 minutes.

Today, I am trying to finish the frosting. I am running out of creative juice to make it pretty. The cake fell apart because the house was too hot when I was about to transfer it to the cake stand.

Yes, I am a having a bad day.  But I love what I do. And I guess this is LOVE.


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