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Hillsong Concert

Last Friday I attended a worship-concert of Hillsong.


It was inexplicable.

I know most of their songs by heart. I do my worship at night before bed and in most times I just breakdown and cry when I can’t seem to put words in my prayers while a Hillsong song was being played.

That Friday in the arena, with thousands of people singing and dancing and beaming with joy the feelings I was having was magical almost supernatural. Like my heart was being ripped in a million pieces and I couldn’t breathe. I was just crying and humming while the rest of my body was so at peace. Floating in the air and almost touching His face. Everyone was soaking wet when the fast worship songs were over.  And when Taya said ” We love you guys, Goodnight!” most of us were hoping for an encore. Fair enough for a straight two-hours of songs of praise and heartfelt prayers in between. Even though the standing pit was a bad idea, (the only good thing was you were so close to the stage except for the hours of waiting and the crowd almost hitting you all the time ) it was all worth it for having my heart-broken and being replaced by a new one.

I realized so many things about Him and myself. And I learned so much about others too.

When I am alone in my living room singing and praising Him, it’s as if God is just there sitting  beside me, like the one I felt in the arena. My husband still doesn’t get it. I am praying for that day when we will be in the same page. I know he finds it weird having all this devotion to God and all, and why I bother so much about singing praises and reading the bible when a simple prayer is more than enough. I just don’t feel it’s enough.

It’s hard to explain to someone something they never experience. It’s like describing salt to someone who never tasted salt. It’s like describing the feelings you have when you fell in love for the first time.

I will always be judged and mocked  with regards to  my relationship with God and my faith. I don’t expect people to understand that anyway. I just want to bring hope to those people I encounter. And praying that one day they will experience Him too.

I love music. I am a sucker for words. I love poetry. I love to write. And when you put all these things together, a worship song is a complete package.

This song is one of my favorites.

It’s describes me best, I am a new creation.


Have a Blessed day!


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