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Minimalist Make up – The Nude Lip

I always have a bad experience with a nude lip. I’ve purchased a few before but they just don’t compliment me. I often ends up looking like bride of Frankenstein. Especially when they are Matte.

I salute those who can pull it off.

I stick with pink shades not barbie pink though, coz that one also I cannot do. And red for the Parisian-esque appeal.

Anyway, after much observation with those beautiful creatures who can shine bright like a diamond with a nude lip I realized they have the same secret in making it a success.

It all comes down to right Bronzing and putting the right amount of shimmer or highlight to the cheeks and the eyes.

Because honestly if you wear a heavy eye makeup with a nude lip, it will look bad. Meaning “dead”if you forget to add dewyness in your finish look. The skin should have this “fresh” look in order to pull it off. Skip the heavy coating of mascara or just leave the falsies all at home. Don’t overbronze or overhighlight as well. Just the right amount of shimmer as I say. Believe me, guys don’t really like it when you glitter like a disco ball all the time.

Bad case of Nude lip for me are these.

Here are my inspirations:


A friend of mine is starting out her online Make-up Business. So I ordered. Β I gave nude lip another try. ‘Hope I can pull it off this time.



This is only according to my taste. If you’re not the minimalist type and you like bold make-up, go ahead. Express yourself. You are entitled to it.


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