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Bedroom Story

I often dream of bedrooms.

Mine right now is pure chaos. Toys everywhere. Clothes on the floor. And the bed, pillows, pillows and more pillows.

Blame it on the toddler. He still sleeps with us. I asked the hubby to get him his own bed because the crib is already too small. He’s 2 years old and truly advanced in his age. He started potty training at 18 months. Diaper bye-bye at 20 months. Graduated Bed-wetting at 24 months. So sleeping on his own perhaps is not impossible nor difficult to achieve.

Once we’re on our own, meaning no-little one bed-crashing at the middle of the night, I would love to have something like these:

home5home4home3home2home 1


What about you?

How’s your bedroom story ? With kids or strictly adults?


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