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Battle of the Bulge

The abs is nonexistent once again. No surprise there. Blame the Entertainer. Buy One get One Free. 50% off the next purchase. We devoured our pizza boxes in less than an hour, Extra Large, two boxes with all the glory of pepperoni and full-fat mozarella. We danced the night away after sitting in a buffet restaurant for three hours with a few shots of liquor here and there. When was the last time I really had a great workout this month? Two maybe.

Yes it’s nice seeing my jeans finally fitting in the backside. And the hubby complimenting me with an increase in bra-size. But the tummy part is a disaster. I can’t sit without feeling pregnant. I can’t wear my skirts. I don’t feel well when my midsection is screaming “Burn me Burn me!”.

Oh no.

I can’t sleep at night because the guilt of cheesecake slices I had still haunts me like some witch in the night.

So I started going back to my fitness routine but this time with much much effort with my stomach. Where did my waist go?

The last thing on my mind is going to the beach wearing a pajama.

So I started doing this two days back.

Twice a day.

Today is my third day doing this.

And man, whenever I cough or sneeze, damn it hurts.

I do this with this one for faster results.

And this one too, when I have extra time.

We are planning a vacation two months from now.

It’s crunch time baby.

I need to fit good in my new bikini.


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