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Restaurant Hopping Part 2 and a Possible Career Shift

One of the things I like about my in-laws is that they are adventurous when it comes to food.

They don’t shy away to try different dishes. No matter how spicy or weird-looking they may seem .

One time, we brought them to an Indian Restaurant just near our place. We originally wanted them to try Kebab Cochin, our go-to Biryani place for late night deliveries but parking is almost impossible there. And so we decided to try a new place just across the street with lots of parking space. Panoor Restaurant.


We really had no idea what we’re getting into.

We initially asked the waiter for Charcoal Chicken, Butter Chicken and Tandoori and Chicken Tikka Β but all of them were only being served after 6pm. We were famished after taking the Abra in the Old Souk. We skipped lunch and only had a quick shawarma bite in the street.

In the end we just followed the waiter’s recommendation for Chicken in the Bamboo, whatever that was. We just wanted to eat, which turned out to be fried chicken sitting inside the bamboo basket with sauce so hot and tangy our tongues went numb completely. It was served with Biryani separately which made our dining experience even more fiery. While my mom in-law and I couldn’t fathom having another bite or spoon of anything else in the table, hubby and his stepdad were actually enjoying it. I just don’t understand.


As with my toddler, he removed his shoes and play under the table while throwing nan everywhere. We gave up trying to make him sit in the baby chair.

The waiter was so attentive and courteous to everyone that he even gave us plain rice and yogurt for us to be able to eat again without crying or cursing.

When we asked Momma if she liked Indian Food, she said she can’t understand how people can eat those food so hot you cannot actually taste anything afterwards. But she was impressed by our waiter. Service was superb but food-wise, Spicy to the point of madness will never be her cup of tea. I definitely agree.

A few days after that, we went to the Mall of the Emirates. Everyone wanted different things.

Hubby wanted chicken or burger ( again), Stepdad wanted to try a spicy soup and Momma wanted whatever is not spicy and I wanted Pad- Thai. Β So we decided to go for Thai food this time, majority rules. And they loved it! The next day hubby asked me to recreate Tom-Yum Soup. From a girl who cannot even fry an egg way back then and still burn rice from time to time, miraculously I can cook any international dish in your recipe book now, just name it. One great thing marriage does to you.

One night we did Mexican, then Filipino, and even Moroccan.

I started loving it, Β – the preparation of food, the waiting game and plating drama of every dish. I still hate the cleaning part though. But after seeing how people’s eye pop out of their sockets and then asking me how I did this and that was well-worth the hour I spend cleaning after.

It’s been three years since I had a regular job. From the moment my child was born all I can consider a full-time job is being a mom and wife and perhaps a Chef and a Baker. I spend 70% of my time in my kitchen. I only sleep 5 hours sometimes less every night minus those times when I intentionally block my ears on weekends for 8 am wake up call.

At this point in my life, I am not sure If I still want to go back out there to hustle. I keep on praying to God to open doors for me if He wants me there. I’m still lost in the idea of working for other people and making their dreams come true is the best for me. It looks promising and tempting to have job security while financial freedom is often perceived to be too risky, to much work involved and almost too impossible to attain. Working fixed hours on a fixed salary is more of a better choice for most of us . It scares me sometimes thinking I will not go back there like normal people do but at the same time I am more terrified of NOT trying to be my own boss and create something I can really call my OWN.


This world we live in is constantly changing. Evolving in like a speed of light. What may work today may be obsolete tomorrow or ten years from now.

My spirit is telling to go for it. Be brave and jump and take the road less travelled. Make mistakes. Learn. For a hopeless optimist, I am willing to pay the price.





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