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Together is a Beautiful Place to Be


Sometimes we get caught up in the routine too much. We forget the essence of why we’re here. The new life we chose. This new journey we are taking. The daily tasks can drown us both, almost drifting us to north and south. We go to bed almost just touching each other but not quite. The doldrums of normality and the familiar boundaries. In your quietness I felt insecure and I know deep inside you felt cold too.

But His spirit can never let us go. He put us together for a purpose. And through Him we are always brand new. When days are dark and winters are longer, I know He will revive us all the time, bringing light, bringing heat. The love, the passion, because in your eyes I see a great man He made just for me. Marriage is a choice you make. The love you choose to grow every day.

“Kiss him every time. Tell him he’s the most amazing thing in this life. How lucky you are that God chose you both to have this life together.Β 

Put on that sexy lingerie. Spray that perfume he likes. Make love like it’s the first time. Look him straight in the eye. Want him like crazy. Speak kindness and truth. Create peace inside your home”.Β 

Money cannot buy you a great marriage only false security. Bow down your head and humble yourselves that without Him both of you can’t figure this out. If His love overflows between man and wife, they can always be more forgiving, more loving, more generous.

Marriage. Treat it like it’s the most important thing in the world and it will feel like it’s the most important thing in the world. Bask in His presence and marriage is never hard nor complicated.


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