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Restaurant-Hopping with the Toddler Part 1

Once in a while we love going to buffet restaurants.  Who wouldn’t want to indulge in a great feast and forgetting about a pile of laundry waiting at home? Oh don’t you love those theatrical carving stations? I wish I can taste them all.

My husband and I thought Saffron is the best buffet restaurant in Dubai ever! Well, we both worked previously in Atlantis where we met. Hah. Those sweet innocent days… And they offer Michelin star dining experience and casual dining (buffet).

But after marriage and baby whenever we feel too tired or lazy to cook , we normally just choose the Food court or Spinneys.

And so when my in-laws came, we decided that bringing them to our favorite restaurants was a great excuse to experience being real adults again. After the Arabic experience and the Hot Pot (more on that in the next post), we booked for Saffron. We still have Kaleidoscope on the list. If you happen to visit Dubai, never-ever miss going to Atlantis the Palm and explore the entirety of the island. You wouldn’t believe it’s man-made.

Anyway, his folks had no idea that’s where he used to work . They were absolutely mesmerized by the hotel. Well, it is really a great hotel. And we really had the best time and  had the most unforgettable moments there. And there  we met and we worked with the most amazing people in this lifetime.  Too much emphasis on amazing. No exaggeration there though.

So we went to Saffron. With Sasha. Our Toddler.

And not even after a minute that we both came to our senses and realized that bringing him was absolutely a Bad Idea.

Every ten minutes he wanted to go to the bathroom. Every fifteen minutes his plate was empty and all the food were all down the floor. Every hour he tried to get out from his chair.

I managed to eat well. But never again I will bring him there.

My in-laws enjoyed the buffet. As expected everyone  over ate.

We didn’t have even a sip of alcohol but we arrived home almost feeling like drunk. It was a great night but with a toddler along, it could have been better.

No doubt about the food and the ambience. Maybe after coming there for so many times, after all these years nothing has changed. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing for the restaurant. And ah, they don’t have much options for the dim sum this time. I guess the chefs are not the same.

After that experience we skipped booking for the Kaleidoscope in Atlantis  because we still have a voucher from his company this time for Brunch. We both have never been to the JW Marriot Marquis in Sheikh Zayed. It’s a new five-star hotel in the midst of the business district. Just a few minutes from Burj Khalifa. We originally booked for the first Friday his parents came but the restaurant was fully booked that time which came to us a surprise. Fully booked for Brunch in this terrible weather? And strictly no kids? What is this place? So we had no choice but asked my relatives if I can drop Sasha the next friday.

And I think that’s the best decision we ever made in our life so far. Haha.

Garden restaurant , this peruvian restaurant we really did underestimate it .


Just by entering the place we were already greeted and offered with glasses of champagne at 1 pm. Well, I have not done brunch since four years ago so I was surprised that overflowing alcohol starts at noon in a Muslim country.

And then the food haven adventure begun.

Gosh, our eyes popped out seeing the amazing choices they have. Sorry Saffron you missed the mark. This restaurant was definitely a different level of awesomeness. The stations were way way better. And the restaurant setting itself man, I can’t highlight enough how we enjoyed finding great surprises here and there that I got lost literally. And they have a chocolate alley in which I overindulge.

Three hours later, 2 margaritas , 4 glasses of champagne and 2 shots of tequila after and a dozen trips to the carving stations and chocolate alley we were already up there. Flying high without wings. Our men- my husband and his stepfather did NOT drink at all since they were driving and  felt half-amused and envious of us. For $150 per person, food and alcohol all inclusive not bad at all! Plus no children,  gosh way to go to have a Friday Off!

Tipsy at 4pm, after picking up Sasha, our men decided to go to Dubai Marina. I slept off the alcohol in the car while my husband got lost in 2nd December street ( yeah it’s a street name here) coming from Al Khail while searching for our Tea place where they make the most amazing Masala tea. Yum.

When we arrived at the Tram in the Knowledge Village before sunset it was empty. Carrying my heels with me and Sasha who just woke up I hoped and prayed that I would be able to stand in my both feet once we arrive.

After gazing over the skyscrapers in the Marina and walking around Marina Mall we decided to drive home since it’s past ten already. After 12 hours everyone were yearning hopelessly for the bed.


I love Saffron for the Seafood and the memories we had there all these years. But Garden restaurant for Brunch on a Friday is an absolute -must do at least once in a while; to have good times with friends or to date your spouse. Next time though just taking the taxi. Driving your own car is a mood killer if you want to experience it all.

 Garden Restaurant JW Marriott Marquis if want it all , without the kids.

Saffron Restaurant in Atlantis the Palm  for a wholesome dining experience with your family and kids.

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