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Cross Equals Love

In this season of Lent, let’s take time to really reflect what happened on the Cross. What cross you would say? Who cares about that thing anymore?

I do.

Maybe some of us still do.

I was not a spiritual person before I met Christ. Yes, to some they will prefer the old me. I was just going with the flow, what the world dictates to be right, live life to the fool-est sometimes. YOLO.  But after knowing the truth and how He transformed my old self in to this brand new person I hardly even recognize in most days it’s no wonder that those who don’t know me personally will automatically repel because I am not cool. I have a testimony to share.  And in those dark moments, it was not my career nor my friends nor material possession that helped me to save my own life.  Only His presence, only that time I fully surrendered to Him. I am proud to be a Christian. I quote the bible most of the time. I asked people if I can pray over them. I strive to be Holy as our Father is holy. And there I see all eyes rolling. But I don’t care.

You may be like me. There was this moment when you want to give up. And you know some people who talks about God all the time and they won’t stop asking you to come to church. One day you said Yes and nothing is ever the same after that.

Or maybe you’re just you. You have your beliefs. You still unsure about the existence of God. Because if there is really a god, why so much suffering? Why can’t he just make everything bad go away. Of maybe your god is like a magic lamp with a genie. You only remember him during desperate times. Or he’s just this someone who is so far away, doesn’t talk back when you pray. Your parents tell you about him but you really have no idea who he is.

Then one day you will search for HIM and why you’re here in this world.When happiness seems so hard to find and nothing seems to ever fill in the void.  And you will discover that He is more than real. And like me nothing will ever be the same again.

Sometimes there will be circumstances that will test your faith. Sometimes there will be people who will disappear just because of what you believe in. There will be moments where will you be tempted to deny who you really Are, will lure you to abandon your journey. They will tease you to join them in their worldly pursuits. Outcasting you because you’re uncool.

I had those moments. Even now once in while.

This life we have is the most difficult test. People will not understand your encounter simply because they have not experienced what you had experienced. Have a big heart. Do Not judge them.

Continue. Persevere. Do not give up being His witness.

One day when that Day comes, they will finally believe. Instead of fearing that Day, we are excited for His coming.

Until then, embrace the purpose God has given you. Some people spend their whole lives finding that thing, and you are one of the lucky few who really gets it.

It’s NOt about You.

Below is a short clip I found in YouTube while I was channel hopping finding new videos for the Bible Project at 2am when everyone was asleep. I had my restless nights.

How many times you’ve seen The Passion of the Christ?

It’s so heartwarming to hear the actor’s testimony about Him. And it just fired me up even more to just be who I am, in Christ.

Have a blessed day!

Stay strong in faith.









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