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A Short Trip to Abu Dhabi

I’ve lived in Abu Dhabi for more than a year before finally moving to Dubai. Before that I was working in Qatar. Yes, I’ve always wanted to work overseas. Philippines is my home country but right from the start I knew that I want to explore what’s out there beyond the comforts of my home. I love meeting people from different places. I love listening to the sound of foreign accents. I have been meaning to learn French and Italian. And I knew early on, that I want to marry someone who came from a place I haven’t heard of or been to, a thousand miles away from where I came from. God has been amazing to me, and He directed my path.

I came to Abu Dhabi 2009. That time there was nothing much really, exciting things or places to go. And besides I was working six days a week 12 hours a day. I hardly had the time or interest to explore the city. I just knew places around the Souk where the Shangri-la and the Fairmont Hotel are located because that’s where I used to live, right across the hotel area.

Anyway, I haven’t been to the Grand Mosque. Seven years later only after having a husband and a child I got the opportunity to visit it. The first time we drove to Abu Dhabi was last year when we were fixing my child’s Ukrainian passport. I was incredibly surprised with the changes. The skyscrapers already in completion, the new villas and the Beverly Hills-inspired area before reaching the heart of the city. I always enjoy the long drive. Seeing Ferrari World from afar and the Islands that seem so surreal. So many things have changed and I love how this city has turned in to a futuristic and vibrant place and still keeping the conservativeness and authenticity that its known for.

Here are some photos from our recent visit.


I wish that I can speak with my mother in-law. I want to tell her so many things and my husband somehow always unintentionally leaves me alone with her. Yes, I need to study their language because really it was difficult to be lost in translation all the time. I can only Smile so much, since I cannot speak and sign-language gets old quickly.

Our visit was so much better than the last time. The weather was perfect. This time I didn’t forget to bring my sunglasses because the brightness of the place is too much to handle. That time, we arrived just on time before the buses full of tourists came crowding the place.

It’s always a pleasure to visit a place and be like a tourist for a day.


Next time, I hope to convince the hubby to stop by Ferrari World and the Yas Island and the Saadiyat and Sir baniyas Islands next time, when the child is a little bit older.


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