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Bloom where You are Planted

How many times I’ve been to the Miracle Garden.

I have so many nice pictures from our recent visit.

Two weeks back it was my third. Like the Global Village. It’s a must -do when you’re visiting Dubai before the boiling temperature of summer starts. Even though there’s a lot more places to visit now like the Lego Land, or the IMG World but if you’re going to ask our folks between $150 entrance fee and the $20 they will rather choose the latter. They are very practical people. It’s no brainer. They are very easy to please.  And besides, with our toddler who will never stay in one place we decided not to waste our money chasing the little guy inside a very expensive venue.

When my in-laws came, it was the worst of weather Dubai has experienced. We were so worried of the flights coming to Dubai since there was a major sandstorm and some airports had been closed for very low visibility. But thank God that hours prior their arrival the sky cleared up and the sandstorm turn to a little drizzle , for like two days and some thunderstorms at midnight. And we felt grateful that everything went well minus the muddy  puddles everywhere we set our foot on.

We went to the beach first thing in the morning.


Damn, but it was too cold to even dip your water with the waves. Only my husband’s stepfather took the plunge. He still liked it. But not many people felt the same.

After fixing one of the wheels of the car as my husband suddenly discovered the strange sound from the car was coming from a nail attached to one of the tyres, ( of all the days this could have happened) we decided to treat them to one of favorite Arabic restaurants in town. We love food and the art of preparing it. We love experimenting and discovering new dishes. We are always salivating over typical Arabic starters and Mezzes. Baba Ganoush ( eggplant dip) , tabouli, chicken livers and the fresh pita bread are always a winner. We realized we are not really into the Seafood mixed grill and the Mixed Meat Grilled that we ordered with so much anticipation, but we learned that the stars of the dining experience were actually the Starters.

We love Al Hallab in Dubai Mall facing the Dubai fountain if you dining al fresco. But since we have Entertainer vouchers from Reem Al Bawadi, we went to the nearest one just beside our house which was like a few minutes from the beach.  We loved it and my in-laws loved it too.  It was just hard to eat when you’re toddler won’t sit still in his chair and refuse to eat anything but the bread.


The next day we went to Abu Dhabi since the weather was becoming better. More on than in my next post.

Here’s some of our photos from Global Village, Third time’s the charm. Ahh today is the last day of Global Village. Since Summer is here Outdoor Attractions are closing.



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