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Out and About

The busy weeks is finally over.

For a stay-at-home mom like me, 15 days of constant traveling left me almost grasping for air. I used to fly a lot way back my flight attendant days but I guess it’s different once you have a kid tagging along every square inch you take. It really was more challenging and most of the time hitting my boiling point. He was the spoiler of everything. Forget fine dining restaurants really, I was a having a major meltdown deep inside because he won’t let me eat or stay in my seat without asking for a toilet break every 10 minutes, but I kept on smiling and pretending I was Β having a grand time while my husband and my in-laws were completely over the moon for all the live stations of amazing food overflowing in the buffet. My gosh, toddler years…

The weather was bad the first week. Almost unbelievable that we were really having continous rainfall for more than a week and thunderstorms that most of the flights have been cancelled or diverted.

Then the following week, it’s as if the weatherman upstairs finally had enough of the complaining that summer is now officially On. 40 degrees on the dot the last time we hit the beach. You cannot go out without your bottled water or faint in the middle of street.

I have so many realizations during these busy times. I will try to write and reflect on them soon.

I even had a very vivid dream 2 days back about how heaven looks like. It was very magical, mysterious and beautiful that I want to write it down in one of my posts soon in order for me to remember the details I’ve seen. It’s giving me goosebumps.

And one thing, I had a very disturbing thought that I want to share as well. I don’t know how and why sometimes it still haunts me. And hoping I will get some advice once I’ve written that post.

Anyway, I am back!

I have so many photos to share and information that hopefully can inspire everyone of you!

It’s Friday here in Dubai! Our weekend starts!



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