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Marriage and Food and a Sudden trip to the ER

I was so thrilled to hear him say “We guys need to go to Ikea tomorrow.” My insides were marching with cheers because this guy hates bringing me to any furniture shop . My old self likes collecting stuff and buying anything on impulse as long as it’s pretty. Never mind if I need it. ” We need new pillows, the old ones are giving me stiff neck and my back hurts, and besides my family is coming next week so..”

Ah, pillows, “anything else?” I asked. Kinda pointless since I know I cannot really push to buy new sheets and towels as well because I know what he’s going to say. But still, I was filled with glee. I love interior design and roaming around a furniture shop. It just lifts my spirits up.

sasha march5

We woke up early the next day. We ditched the breakfast and waited for lunch and stayed a little while in the Kid’s area since Sasha is asking for a new toy truck for ages. Which he didn’t really pay much attention to once he saw the kitchen set with all the little pans and pots and artificial vegetables lying around. My little one still wants to be a MasterChef. Maybe all the baking and cooking I’ve been doing most of the time is a good thing. I want him to know what he wants while he’s still young. I want him to discover his passion at an early age.

sasha march4

After Ikea we went grocery shopping. Have I mentioned that my husband likes eating gourmet food at home? I mean, he’s the type who only eats pretty -good looking food complete with appetizer, and sometimes desserts and the perfect tea that compliments the dish. We have soups in our meals most of the time and salad and potatoes and bread and rice and pasta. We eat most of the food groups. It’s not easy actually because if he’s off I spend my whole day just preparing lunch and dinner which takes hours to make. I need to search diligently in Pinterest for a great recipe.You cannot re-heat the baked lasagna from lunch to have for dinner. Variety is always key . You cannot have rice for lunch and again rice with something for dinner. Our pantry is always overflowing with loads of stock of different carbohydrates. We don’t buy bread. I bake our own. We don’t buy cookies or cakes or pies I make everything from scratch. As much as I hate using our ‘retarded’ oven which takes 20 minutes to fire up, I have no choice but fulfill my duties and face my daily battles with great enthusiasm. Yes, being a full-time mom is no piece of cake.

That night he fervently asked me to remake Ikea’s Spinach and Mushroom Cannelloni since I ordered that for lunch while he ordered for the Swedish Meatballs. One thing also about coming to Ikea, he likes the food there. The frugal husband likes value for his money and if the food tastes great  and they are very affordable it gives twinkle in his eyes. So I ended up remaking the pasta dish when we reached home. Gosh, I still have a meringue recipe to perfect for a cake project I need to finish this Friday. But yes I was again successful to have his request for dinner. I mastered the Swedish Meatball recipe long time ago and  now he wants this Spinach and Mushroom dish and also started chiming in that  I should remake also their Chocolate and Almond cake which they offer in the deserts section. Oh my. Sometimes I think I have my own restaurant at home. It’s very challenging and exhausting but at the end of the day it gives me pride. Knowing that this woman I now called myself couldn’t even fry an egg before she got married and lived on crackers and water and takeaways most of her life is now a beaming chef with several hits in her own home.

pinterest now

After dinner the husband turned off the tv and played monsters in blankets the chasing little one around the house. I love hearing Sasha with his giggles and cries whenever his Tato catches him hiding behind the door. I was still baking, attempting to cook the second batch of rosette meringue for the birthday cake. No wonder we use 4-5  dozens of eggs per month. Just imagine how much I use per week if I bake at least one pie and a couple of french macarons and cookies plus the seasonal order of cakes . Thank God that eggs and electricity in Dubai is fairly inexpensive. We can have desserts and  goodies every time we like.

As I catch my breath thinking what a perfect day everyone was having while cleaning my oven and the little one brushing his teeth, I can’t help but hum my praise songs. I have the life I am dreaming of. I have everything I want. The family I love and the job I love taking care of them. And then as I wrestle with Sasha to go to his bed the toddler keeps running back and forth to the living room and to our bedroom, and the more you chase the kid the more he plays rough. And like the famous nursery rhyme goes about the five little monkeys jumping in the bed, the next thing we know we were so panic stricken seeing  blood flowing in my toddler’s left eyelid. We ended up in Emergency Room twenty minutes later. Just a few hours before midnight, just when I thought that day is going to be a super perfect day.

sasha march3

Even though it didn’t end up to be perfect , me and the husband were beyond grateful for his little accident. Thankful that it was just a minor cut in the upper eyelid and if we weren’t blessed  just a little more it could have hit his eye badly and could have caused permanent damage.

sasha march6

Last night, I can’t help but praise God for his love and mercy for always looking out for us. We didn’t pay a single cent  for the surgery.Our insurance covered it all. My little one still keeps on jumping like nothing happened. And for the first time after being married, my husband gave a me well-anticipated and well-deserved foot massage.

It’s true, it’s rather easier to just complain and focus on the things we don’t like about our life than appreciate every little miracles we have. Only if we look deeper how a significant change of the wind can alter our realities we see how much we are truly blessed.

sasha march2

I hope that you are enjoying the life you have chosen. No matter how frustrating some days can get, please don’t forget to be grateful. Thank God for the life you have, the husband who loves you even when sometimes it’s not easy being the full-time amazing wife he’s expecting to get, and the little one/s who wouldn’t choose anybody but you to be their mom.


God bless!




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