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Rock a Bye Baby…

How long does it take for you to put them to bed? Kids.

I have a two year old and up until now putting him to bed is like sending a man to the moon. He is already well aware of the usual routine of the day because it’s running like clockwork but I feel like it’ s too much work putting him in bed in his age that sometimes it’ll take an hour or more before he finally stop wrestling with me and let go of his tow-truck. I don’t know what is it about sleeping that they will do everything to postpone it.

A few weeks back we started singing ABCs and Rock a Bye Baby for bedtime. Yes, I sang for more than an hour humming both songs because whenever  I stop he will wake up while murmuring’ bebe, ya bebe’ and I am back to zero. I will squeeze myself in his little bed holding him and patting his leg rocking him gently until I feel secured that he’s already in dreamland. Sometimes I doze off before he does that the hubby  will come  tiptoe-ing in the room to wake me since couple time needs to start. It’s really hard. As much as I love squeezing and smelling him as he sleeps sometimes it’s just too exhausting to do. I tried to make him really tired before bed time and give him a very relaxing bath after but the little one is still equivalent to 5 kids. He will throw all the pillows, he will say he needs to go to the bathroom several times, he will ask  for milk again, he will ask for Papa Bear ( his favorite stuffed animal) and all other things to push my buttons. One time he started crying whenever I sing the Rock a Bye Baby. I tried to comprehend why he started crying because I feel like he’s asking me if the baby fell from the tree. So I need to assure him over and over that the baby is safe, mommy caught the cradle when the bough broke. I feel like sometimes we cannot underestimate the power of  toddlers just to get what they want.

What about your kids? Are they suddenly becoming a bunch of drama queens whenever it’s bedtime? I really need some tips.


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