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Break Break Down…

I have been battling insomnia for the past three nights now.

And my toddler won’t stop asking me to find his lost tow truck in mountain-load of toys in his play area.

My head was beating and thumping in a rhythm that I cannot understand.

I can’t eat.

And the lights in the kitchen went bust all of a sudden.

My friend was coming over for a baking session.

I’ve been calling the electrician. And he turned off his phone.

The house was upside-down.

I can’t clean or cook.

Four hours later…



I managed to clean,and cook.

My friend came over and we had a ton of fun.

The baking session was a great success!

Yes, I managed to compose myself .

Some times bad days happen, but if you look deeper,

You know you have an incredible power inside you!

Happy Intl’ Women’s Day!


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