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Screw that Muffin Top!


As much as I love my carbs and all, there’s just one reality that goes  along with it.

Muffin top.

I get them once in a while. I love having washboard abs but there’s just times in the year when all you do is eat cake every other week or have pizza 2 nights in a row. I love my lingerie and when they started looking weird and feeling weird in my skin, yikes honey I need some detox-ing to do. When I was still in my 20s, it’s never a problem. But in this world where people really  age and the metabolism really slows down desperate time calls for desperate measures.

It’s actually feels good to do a 4 days liquid diet. It’s very empowering for me. Then I discovered this workout which completes it all.

If you are like me who’s getting a muffin top time and time again. Simply because we love cakes and pizza and pasta , remember you can still enjoy them if you will do this the next day. The more you eat the more rounds you make!

Good luck!

This is not a piece of cake, trust me.





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