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Why people don’t become wealthy

Ever wonder why most people don’t become wealthy? I do. These past few months, after trying and failing to come back in the workforce I often find myself staring blankly in space thinking why success seems so hard, too slippery from the grip of my hands. It seems like there’s a gazillion of jobs out there and yet my phone is not ringing. Maybe my sabbatical years of being a full-time mom scare off the employers. Maybe my age is now the retirement age. I feel like I’ve reached my shelf lifealready and nobody wants to hire me anymore. I am not even 35 and have more than 7 years plus experience under my belt. I am highly motivated, never procrastinate, my second name is discipline. I graduated on top of my class. I feel proud to have helped my parents with my school tuition since I have always been a scholar. I have a razor-blade like focus and yet, here I am desperately waiting for a reply even just one from the hundreds of job applications I’ve done in over two years.

As much as I want to be available to my kid and to my husband 24/7 the cost of living is getting more expensive and sooner or later I will be having a preschooler with all his class excursions and projects and uniforms and bus fees and all that. And as much as we want to be frugal at all costs it’s just inevitable to go splurge once every two years for a great vacation somewhere or bring family over for a tour in this beautiful city. And there’s retirement to think about, to save for the future, invest on insurances and real estate and mutual funds and stocks.

It just doesn’t add up. I know that I am a hard-working person. But I am not wealthy. I am still far from the life I always dreamed of, financial-wise. I am so blessed beyond words for my family but I want the best for them. I want my son to attend to the best school. I want him to pursue his interests. I want to help him discover who he wants to be. Although money is not everything, it’s still play a significant role in the quality of life. And yes, I still want to have more kids, only if money is not an issue.

So here’s an eye opener for me.

It was 1 am on a Wednesday and I saw these videos of Brian Tracy on Youtube. It actually changed the way I see things.Made me realize why most people don’t become wealthy.

And if you’re like me, I’ve made a decision that it’s yet NOT too late to start pursuing that dream. To be financially independent, not because I just want money but because that financial freedom can do so much to help others, can do so much to create change.

Now I know why I am not wealthy. And I have so much work to do.

Be blessed everyone!

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