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Conversations with myself Issue #6 -“I used to be all that, and now I’m like.. I’m in my 30s…”

” It’s just inevitable”. The mirror is talking to me, again.

That’s it. No matter how much you slather yourself with that cream it will not roll back those precious times ; when your collagen production was so generous, and your hair stays shiny even without trying. You can pull off that jeans and white shirt so simple and still able  catch a few second glances here and there. Damn. 

Now all those second glances belongs to the little one you carry every where you go. And those long stares aren’t a good thing anymore as you carefully make your exit as the child keeps hitting you with his head as he begs a new toy on the way out to Hamley’s. 

Yeah, time is ticking. Those “hot” days are probably over and the fresh plump look is slipping carelessly right through your fingers. Sales person used to call you ” miss” , and now it feels like you’re wearing a “Mom” sign on your forehead as you hit town. You start hating Gigi Hadid and that latest Hilfiger ad.

I used to have that, you know…” Now I regret sharing a bucket meal with the husband last night .

I just now understand what it means that each of us have our “prime”. I remember this quote I read somewhere:

What a girl needs at age birth to  18 are her parents , 18-35 her beauty, 35-50 her character and 50 years onwards– money.

So I still need beauty, and sometimes I don’t feel good like that. Especially when I cannot hide the cheeseburger I just ate  whenever I sit, and when my face becomes desert-like dry I want to cry.  Ayayay…

No matter how hard sometimes to get up in the morning to do my morning workout before everybody wakes up, no matter how tempting to have another slize of pizza, and skip the exfoliate part in the skin care routine, I guess it’s all gonna be worth it than feeling insecure with the younger hot lady standing next to me in the  cash counter.



There is a price to pay. But the most important thing is, I believe that as long as I keep my insides happy, healthy and positive I will always love the way I look. If I know where my value comes from I can face aging  gracefully no matter what.




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