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Words that Rhyme

Oh motherhood you don’t know the damage you did to me. I didn’t know I can love like this. This precious boy captures my heart and I don’t know how to stop it. No matter how much he hits me with his toy ( just because he thinks it’s funny ) I can’t stay angry. How those eyes and lips and feet I won’t mind kissing every day. How he calls me “mommy” first thing in the morning when he found me no longer in bed just melts my heart like ice cream on a sunny day.

Oh motherhood you’re the best thing that ever happened to me. How love can’t be spelled in letters from the alphabet. How blessed it is to have children climbing on your neck. How bed time stories brings tears to my eyes knowing one day they would not want it. Time is a thief and they grow up so fast. What’s the hurry? It’s still not enough.


You know those times when you can’t sleep when he’s just one month old, exhausted, depleted you thought happy days were over. It’s true, it gets better by day. You thought you made a mistake. But looking back now, you see everything is worth it. If love’s like this , how wonderful really is to be loved  and to love not expecting if they will love you just the way you do.


The tie that binds the marriage in a way that is so precious. You laugh with your husband when the child starts dancing in the tune of “sex and the city” soundtrack.Or that time he hit his head the adrenaline rush you felt. You plan your life beautifully, forgetting the heartaches and disagreements in the past. Family life is not a walk in the park but I don’t mind the stroll because that’s what  life is all about . That child is a gift of God, and I couldn’t thank Him enough. Oh motherhood, the damage you did to this heart.



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